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So, how easy is it to win at blackjack? Easy as pie if you know the rules, the odds, and play with the correct strategy. That's all the knowledge you need to master the game; anything more and you'd be unbeatable. Blackjack is one of the few games that actually gives you the chance to win, more so than slot machines or baccarat. This is not to make the other games look bad - that's just how it is. If you were to study the odds more in-depth, the point that I am trying to make would be quite obvious.

The advantage that a player has when playing blackjack as compared to many other casino games, is that the outcome is partially based on their decision. Games such as baccarat, for instance, have the rules already made up and no matter what you are dealt, certain rules apply and bring about the final result - there's nothing you can do to change or effect the outcome. In this way, the casino is able to fully control the house edge on the game. In the case of blackjack, the casino can only go so far in controlling the game; they can establish the payout table, the rules as to when the dealer draws and when he doesn't, and the betting limits. The decision to double down, hit, or stand is entirely up to you, and whether or not you win at blackjack is largely dependent on what you decide. Some decisions are obvious and, thus, easy to make; however, there are those that are on the borderline: should I hit, or should I stand? Having a strategy to follow easily takes care of the troublesome decision that might have to be made. It does not guarantee that you will win at blackjack each and every time, but it does increase the odds of that happening by a great amount. Having a strategy to play by makes has a big difference in the overall outcome of the game.

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