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What an Australian gambler should look out for in an online casino

If you happen to live in Australia and are looking for an online casino, then there is no better place to focus your search that sites that offer an online casino Australia can call their own. Australian casinos will have a wide selection of pokies to choose form because they are some of the simplest casino games to get your head around. Once you have read the pay tables and had a couple of spins there is no reason that you should not understand the machine completely. In the end all slots and pokies are fundamentally the same.

Most slots that you will find at an online casino Australia will all work on the same principles. You will have your standard win lines that you can choose whether or not to play. You will obviously have to pick at least one but some machines have up to fifty possible win lines. From here you can select how many ‘coins’ to bet on each line. Now, this is where it gets a little more complicated. Most machines will have a substitute symbol of some sort that replaces everything but the bonus symbol. The bonus symbol will normally be required to place either three in a row or at least three scattered around to activate a bonus game. These games are either free spins or in the case of video slots you sometimes get a fully interactive game. Your winnings during the bonus rounds will normally be huge so look out for those bonus symbols!

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